Unique Social Media Entertainment Page

Unique Social Media Entertainment Page

Categories: Facebook, Social-Media, Twitter, YouTube

Have you wanted to create a mobile website with multiple pages, but do not know how?At Appcropolis ,we are offering a pocket friendly template that has the latest technology and a very user friendly interface. This template provides the best way possible to display links to all other pages of your app, by using the side pop up navigation menu. Most popular social media platforms e.g. Facebook have implemented this navigation menu. This template implements the side pop up menu easily,simply add links and text to your mobile app and you are ready to go! The footer is simple, with arrows to help users navigate through other pages of the app. Download and enjoy the flexibility of this template.


  • jQuery Mobile 1.3.0
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major smartphones
  • Pop out window navigation
  • Standard footer


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