Recipe Blog Page

Recipe Blog Page

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One of the most efficient way of passing a message is through the combination of graphics and text.  If you want to implement the same on your mobile application, this template is perfect for you. Its design features some text, large thumbnails and the author of the page. Having these features makes the template a perfect page for a recipe blog mobile page. A recipe blog requires a snapshot of the meal as well as some steps/instructions on how to prepare the meal. The name of the author can be a link to a profile page where your app users find all recipes published by a certain author. The template also comes with a standard header where you can place the title of your blog page. The header provides two links that you can customize by adding a pop-out navigation menu ,or direct links to other pages on the blog. Your blog visitors can view recipe photos and videos on the links on top of the page.

Download and customize this template.


  • jQuery Mobile 1.3.0
  • Default jQuery Mobile theme
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major smartphones
  • Standard header
  • Fixed navigation
  • React to orientation change
  • Custom listview


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