Newsify Home Page

Newsify Home Page

Categories: Listview

Ready for some good news? Here is a good one: this template is absolutely easy to customize. Although the look-and-feel departs from the standard jQuery Mobile themes, by using some minor CSS you can achieve unique results. Inspired by the Newsify app this page shows highly customized icons in both, the header and the footer. The main content of this page is represented by a list-view that shows custom icons, arrows, and a count-icons. Extremely simple, yet different. If you want to learn how to do advanced customization of buttons and icons check out the articles Advanced Customization of the jQuery Mobile Buttons and How to Make an iPhone Back Button in jQuery Mobile.


  • jQuery Mobile 1.1.0
  • Default jQuery Mobile theme
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major smartphones
  • Standard header
  • Standard footer
  • Footer navigation
  • Fixed navigation
  • Editable text


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