Movie Search Results Page

Movie Search Results Page

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If you ever need to rank certain things –songs, movies, etc., you probably can take advantage of this jQuery Mobile template. With a search bar at the top, users can easily find information on all the rankings posted on the mobile website. Notice that this template is a bit different to Movie Ratings page, since you can place multiple links on its footer.

Just like the Movie Ratings page, it has a drop down menu that pops out a list of filter buttons by clicking the columns to display button. The menu allows users to select different type of movie list ranks, by checking the check boxes on the menu. Each button on the menu lists different kind of information for your users. The header of the template makes it easy for you to label the page, by adding your page title. You can always edit all the text on the template to suit your needs.

Download and customize it easily.


  • jQuery Mobile 1.3.0
  • Default jQuery Mobile theme
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major smartphones
  • Standard header
  • Standard footer
  • Footer navigation
  • Fixed navigation


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