Livingsocial Adventures

Livingsocial Adventures

Categories: Listview, Product

A picture is worth a thousand words”. I am sure that you have faced situations where you have to communicate emotions and experiences. The Livingsocial Adventure page –from their iPhone app, addresses this challenge very well. To sell the idea of outdoor adventures, this page presents snapshots of live actions that will take your mind to adventurous places. In this case, instead of using text to describe sensations, a list of photos are used to deliver the feeling of been there and help people choose the right adventure for them. If you think that images can communicate your ideas better, download this template, customize it, and use images to deliver motions.


  • jQuery Mobile 1.1.0
  • Default jQuery Mobile theme
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major smartphones
  • Standard header
  • Standard footer
  • Footer navigation
  • Fixed navigation
  • Editable text


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