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How to organize your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files A good friend of mine told me that the best system is the one that works better for you. This is only true if you never plan on sharing your work with someone else, or if you do not expect to use other people’s code. In this article I ... Categories: Blog, Web Technology

Using Javascript to encode images as DataURL The following example shows how to draw an image on an HTML 5 Canvas element and encode the image as data-url schema. Being able to convert images into string, opens some interesting possibilities. In browsers that support HTML5 local ... Categories: Blog, Web Technology

How to Prevent Safari Zooming You want to prevent Safari Mobile from zooming every time that you double tap on the screen. The iPhone zoom is a great feature that allows user to enlarge the page content when the user double taps on the screen. If you are building a ... Category: How-To

Using HTML5 Canvas to capture frames from a video HTML5 has some interesting capability that allows extracting individual frames from a video source and draw it on a canvas element. The following example quickly shows how to capture a frame from a video and attach it to the DOM as an ... Category: Web Technology

Running iPhone Webapps From the Home Screen Only Webapps are essentially applications that run from a web browser and are typically served from a controlled environment. We are all familiar with GMail, Google Maps, Pandora, and other great examples of web applications. In the context ... Category: How-To

Implementing doubletap on iPhones and iPads When the iPhone first arrived, one of the coolest things that Apple did was to have Mobile Safari display a miniature view of an entire web site, allowing users to double tap and zoom into the portions of the site that they wanted to ... Category: How-To