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Creating Sliding Panels in jQuery Mobile You probably noticed that there are many mobile applications that make use of a panel that slide from the side of the screen and display additional information --typically more navigation options. These sliding panels are very useful ... Categories: jQuery Mobile, News, Webclips

Creating Responsive Table in jQuery Mobile Finally, jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 introduced Responsive Tables. A smart widget that is aware of the available screen size and automatically resizes itself to show what is relevant for a given screen width. Amongst other features, this new ... Categories: jQuery Mobile, News, Webclips

Redirect iPhone and Android Phones to a Mobile Website A very easy way to redirect users that visit your website from a mobile device to the mobile version of your website, is using your htaccess file. If your server is running on Apache, you can add the following code to your .htaccess file ... Categories: Blog, Web Technology

Creating a true JQM Builder Appcropolis is happy to announce that very soon it will be releasing a jQuery Mobile (jqm) Template Builder. All the mobile templates that you've have enjoyed from our template gallery will also be available from the Appcropolis jQM ... Category: News

Using Siri to search inside apps I asked Siri to search inside an app. Her answer: “I can’t search apps. Sorry about that” --Shouldn’t native apps be searchable? There is no doubt that apps are here to stay. With the growing number of apps in the different app ... Categories: Blog, Miscelaneous, Web Technology

jQuery Mobile Popup Creating a Popup Widget in jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 is now easier than ever. To create a popup, just add the data-role="popup" attribute to  the popup contents, typically a DIV element. When invoking the Popup Widget from a link, an A tag, ... Categories: How-To, jQuery Mobile, Web Technology, Webclips