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Creating Sliding Panels in jQuery Mobile You probably noticed that there are many mobile applications that make use of a panel that slide from the side of the screen and display additional information --typically more navigation options. These sliding panels are very useful ... Categories: jQuery Mobile, News, Webclips

Creating Responsive Table in jQuery Mobile Finally, jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 introduced Responsive Tables. A smart widget that is aware of the available screen size and automatically resizes itself to show what is relevant for a given screen width. Amongst other features, this new ... Categories: jQuery Mobile, News, Webclips

jQuery Mobile Popup Creating a Popup Widget in jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 is now easier than ever. To create a popup, just add the data-role="popup" attribute to  the popup contents, typically a DIV element. When invoking the Popup Widget from a link, an A tag, ... Categories: How-To, jQuery Mobile, Web Technology, Webclips

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Final jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 was finally released! Great new features have been added to this new version: a new popup widget, an autodivider and collapsible option for listviews, amongst others, are some of the functionality that can we can all ... Categories: jQuery Mobile, News, Webclips