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Assign a CSS class to the first item in a loop It is possible that you might face a situation where you are using a {foreach...} loop to render a list of items, but you may want to assign a CSS class to the first item in the loop. An easy way to accomplish this is by looking at the ... Category: Frameworks

Binding a single page to a View Template If you need to bind the content of a single page to view, you may use the following code: {page post_name="about-us" assign_to="about_page"} To access the data of the page that you just bound, you can refer to the object to which ... Category: Frameworks

Distributing 2 items per row This example shows how to iterate through a collection of items, and distribute them amongst rows that contain a fixed number of items. E.g. distributing 2 items per row. {$count = 0} {foreach $ as $post} {$count = ... Category: Frameworks

Creating a new page and its companion View To create an new view you must follow these steps: Create a page in Wordpres ( Pages > New Page ) –e.g. "My Profile" NOTE: In this example Wordpress will generate the slug "my-profile". Create a View using the name convention ... Category: Frameworks