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Accessing Post and Pages Custom Fields If you know the ID of post or page you can access the custom fields by using the {meta...} tag: {meta post_id="23" assign_to="custom_fields"} {dump var="custom_fields"} This should output an ... Category: Frameworks

Printing data array behind the view Every page (post, page, custom, category, search, blog, etc.) comes with the necessary data for you to render content from the database. You can access the standard Wordpress data from several object that are bound to the view by using ... Category: Frameworks

Get a list of post categories if you need to get a list of blog post categories you can simply use this code: {category show="list" assign_to="categories"} <div class="box"> <div class="sidebar_header"> ... Category: Frameworks

Displaying categories for a single post If you know the ID of a post you can bind the category data by using code similar to: {post show="categories" post_id="{$post.ID}" assign_to="categories"} <p ... Category: Frameworks

Arranging items left and right within a foreach loop If you need to arrange items left and while performing a {foreach...} loop, you can determine the module of the index property of each item during the iteration. {foreach $ as $page} <div class="{if ... Category: Frameworks

Showing a list posts with pagination This example shows the pagination links if needed. <!-- page pagination --> {paginate type="array" prev_text="&laquo;" next_text="&raquo;" ... Category: Frameworks