Eat delicious and healthy meals by visiting the nearest Subway restaurant near your location. Subway has over 30,000 restaurants across the globe. You can find the nearest restaurant near your location, by checking out the official mobile website of the Subway Franchise; where you will get information about the restaurants’ location and menu.

The locator link available on the top of the mobile website will enable you to find a Subway restaurant near your location. You use the search bar on the page where you can either enter your city, ZIP code or county to find directions to the nearest Subway restaurant. The website also comes with the Use Current location button where upon clicking the button, the website can find your location through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and with this information the website can direct you to the nearest Subway restaurant.

The menu page on the website provides you with information on the dishes to expect at any Subway restaurant. Each meal listed has its own page where you can read a brief description of the tasty meal as well as the nutritional information of each of the meal. The Own a Franchise page will enable you to get information on how to own your Subway restaurant in your country of choice. You can download a PDF brochure on the specifics of owning a Subway restaurant on this webpage.

Things that we Like

  • The application has the custom bookmark feature that aims to ensure that you bookmark the website on your phone browser for future reference or browsing.
  • The website has a nice start up image gallery that displays various photos of Subway customers and products.


  • The pages load slowly and therefore affects the website’s overall performance and speed.