Get Started With Building Mobile Applications

How many hours, days, or weeks did you spend building your last mobile app project?
Many… right?

Building mobile applications using the new Appcropolis Mobile Builder is as easy as 1, 2, 3.



From your Dashboard, click of the “New” button to create a new mobile application. Choose the name of your app, category, a tagline and description for SEO. Click “Create App” when you are ready.

Create A New Mobile Application | Appcropolis Mobile Builder



Add content to your app –Easy! Once you are in the “Editor” screen, you can click on the  “New Custom Page” button. Then you can build your pages from 1,000’s of combinations, by choosing your favorite headers, sub-headers, content area, and footers. Save your work after finding the combination that you like.

Build Custom Mobile Pages | Appcropolis Mobile Builder



Unleash your imagination. 80% of the work is done! Now you can take control. Edit the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to meet your needs. You can add files and folders, and once you are done editing, save and preview your newly created page. Create as many pages as you need and finally, publish your app. Voilà! All the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code will be written for you.

Edit HTML, CSS, and Javascript Code of Your Mobile Apps | Appcropolis Mobile Builder


Your mobile app will be hosted at Share it from:

Create, Edit, and Publish You Mobile Applications | Appcropolis Mobile Builder


Easy as… 1, 2, 3.

To get started, create your FREE Mobile Builder account at: