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Distributing 2 items per row This example shows how to iterate through a collection of items, and distribute them amongst rows that contain a fixed number of items. E.g. distributing 2 items per row. {$count = 0} {foreach $ as $post} {$count = ... Category: Frameworks

Creating a new page and its companion View To create an new view you must follow these steps: Create a page in Wordpres ( Pages > New Page ) –e.g. "My Profile" NOTE: In this example Wordpress will generate the slug "my-profile". Create a View using the name convention ... Category: Frameworks

Design and Development are the new commodities Wordpress theme: $30; an entire mobile website: $15; your website up-and-running without having to hack someone else’s code, that’s priceless! The commoditization of the web design and development is inevitable. We live in a world that ... Category: Opinion

Get Started With Building Mobile Applications How many hours, days, or weeks did you spend building your last mobile app project? Many... right? Building mobile applications using the new Appcropolis Mobile Builder is as easy as 1, 2, 3.   One: From your Dashboard, click ... Category: Mobile Builder

7 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Site Less is more and usually more effective —Steve jobs 1. Simplify, simplify, simplify... In a nutshell, mobile means that you app or mobile website are available anytime anywhere. But is also means smaller screen and slower ... Category: Web Technology

Appcropolis Wins Arch Grants Competition   Appcropolis is proud to announce that the company has been selected as one of the winners of the Arch Grants International Business Competition. 707 companies from 14 different countries joined the competition this year. ... Categories: Blog, News