Take Me Fishing

Are you interested in fishing? Take Me Fishing is an application that was created to help fishing enthusiasts in their fishing adventures. The website comes with all the information one may require during his or her fishing adventure.

Fishing is not only about getting the best parts of the river with huge catches but parts that are safe for you to fish. Its not easy to locate these parts particularly if you have never fished at that river or part of the river before. The application is here with a solution.Check the application to get all the kind of information you need to know about your fishing adventure. The website is fully equipped with an efficient Global Postioning System (GPS) technology that enables the application to locate fishers who are on their adventures. With this location information, the application can direct fishers to the best parts of the rivers to fish.

You also register on the application where your fishing details are stored on the website database. By having your information, the application can remind you on the parts of the river where you have never fished before. There is a page named “My mobile Hotspot” that reminds you of the places you had earlier visited. Through use of GPS technology, the application can act as your guide in case you get lost while fishing.

You can also get information on the various fishes. Use the application toget information on what type of fish to catch. The website comes with a database of all fish species where you can get a good description as well as a photo of every particular fish species.

If you are looking for boating information, look no more since the application also has all this information. All the boating maintenance tips on keeping your boat safe is available on the website.You can also get information on how to act during emergencies while you are fishing.

Things that we like

  • The website was designed using Responsive web design technique that ensures that the website adapts to various environments and user behaviors as a result of changing device screen sizes, orientation and platforms.
  • A social media panel that shows links to the application’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel pages is available at the bottom of the page.It helps users to communicate more easily with Take Me Fishing experts.


  • The website pages load slowly making it hard for users to get some important information.


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